Why Choose Our Services

KNAPS enables businesses to manage their workflow efficiently, accurately, and with high visibility. Regardless of what type of company you have, Sales and Stock management software is important. That's why we offer KNAPS tailored to your specific needs at an affordable price.

Web Based Solution

KNAPS web based solution allows you to save time, money and boost efficiency from anywhere, at any time, and helps businesses like yours sell more products and make smarter decisions. With KNAPS it's easier than ever to manage your sales, inventory and orders.

Greater Efficiency

KNAPS is the software you need to manage your business! Manage all aspects of your activities like stock levels, complex pricing rules, sales and purchase orders. With KNAPS on board, processing sales and orders is a piece of cake.

Integrated Operations

Keep track of all data in a single place including stock updates, purchase orders, sales orders, invoices and receipts. KNAPS is an integrated solution that gets your business moving. We are experts at what we do. That's why we've focused on getting it right!


Manage all aspects of your business efficiently and professionally. With KNAPS you can do just that. Manage sales, orders, inventory and other aspects of your company using our simple-to-use and smart software, making it easier for you to concentrate on selling!

Time Savings

Save time on tedious workflows and work faster and smarter. KNAPS is the software that you need to get ahead. No matter what industry you are in KNAPS can be designed specifically for your needs. Track sales and orders, manage stock and inventory.

Generate Greater Efficiency

Increase your efficiency by using the best technology for Sales and Stock management so you can spend less time doing it, and more time running your business. Make smarter business decisions. Improve your bottom line. Maximize your profits. Your business growth and success are our top priorities.

Improve Productivity

Put KNAPS software to work for you so employees are able to focus on tasks that will generate greater success for your company. Our system helps increase productivity in a whole new way! Managing your sales and inventory has never been so easy!

Powerful Inventory Management

Are you always spending long hours on inventory Management processes?!! With KNAPS you always have quick access to accurate and up-to-date inventory reports to keep track of products as they are ordered or near their expiration date. Focus more on selling.

Enhanced Reporting Capabilities

KNAPS makes business reports easy! Get the latest figures on your business using advanced reporting capabilities. Understand how well each individual store is performing by accessing detailed reports about sales and inventory. Share reports with your team and save time.

KNAPS is Customizable

KNAPS can be tailored to suit your specific requirements. Building on our expertise, our team will customize a solution tailored to your business requirements and processes. We will work with you to understand your business so you get the solution you really need!

Competitive Pricing

With our competitive pricing structure we have been able to assist businesses enhance their efficiency and growth and profit. Our pricing structure means there will be a clear advantage to you and your Company, and suits all Company sizes.

Streamlined Workflows

Save time and money on back-office tasks like inventory control, reconciling payments and claims. Nowadays businesses can't do without online management tools. KNAPS streamlines workflows so your company can focus on what's most important: earning money! Save time, money, and resources.

Simplify Your Workflows

Empower your employees with KNAPS. You've got enough to worry about. Simplify your workflows with a software tool that's intuitive to use and powerful enough to handle any size company's needs. Let's make things simple. Find out how easy it is!


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